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We are

A group of friends. Many hours together. The desire to grow, the desire to create. ANDa shared passion: social networks.With this and little else it


Therefore, for us the team is the most important thing: first and foremost is taking care of yourself and taking care of what we do.


Our #boomer partners

about us


Respect. We give value to each member of the team, because the work of each and every one of us is equally important.

Passion. We love what we do and we pour our love into the world of social media.

Community. We are a small, big family that supports each other to be a horizontally oriented company.

Creativity. We think, we design and we manage to shape a generation.

We are well connected!

We have great mentors, and although social media is not their thing... They have a lot of control when it comes to business✌🏼.

We make it happen. We dare not to be perfect, but passionate.

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